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  Milltown Fire Department 100th Anniversary - 06/04/2011

    Please come and join us as we celebrate our 100th Anniversary!  The event will be held on June 4th 2011.  There will be a parade and we will have food and live music at Boro Park.   For more info, just click on above the link.

If you have any questions or need additional information please send an email to:



  Eureka Fire Museum

Inside a weather-beaten barn behind the Eureka Engine Co. firehouse sits a veritable cornucopia of firefighting memorabilia from around the world.

A treasure-trove of relics fill every nook and cranny of the Eureka Fire Museum, the creation of former Chief Edward Harto and now its chief caretaker and curator.

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  9-11-01 Never Forget

The members of the Milltown Fire Department would like to thank everyone who donated to our collection and participated in our car wash to benefit the family of Lt. Charles Garbarini of the New York City Fire Department.

Charles, who has been missing since the tragedy on Sept. 11, leaves behind his wife, Andrea, and sons Philip, 3, and Dylan, 5. The Milltown Fire Department has decided to adopt this family as part of our family and will continue to support them in any way we can.

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Firefighter Robert Balachick

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  Milltown, New Jersey

The Milltown Fire Department was incorporated on Feb. 22, 1911 as The Eureka Fire Company No. 1. In 1922, this Company was disbanded and two new Companies were Incorporated;

Eureka Engine Co. No. 1 and Eureka Hose Company No. 1

We currently have four pieces of fire apparatus housed at the two fire stations.

Engine Company located on South Main Street has:


1994 American LaFrance 1500gpm Pumper


1998 American LaFrance 1500gpm Rescue Pumper

Hose Company located on Cottage Avenue has:


1989 Seagrave 100' Aerial


2003 Seagrave 1500gpm Pumper

We are also the proud owners of a 1921 American LaFrance 750gpm Pumper, which is used for parades and shows.

The Milltown Fire Department is governed by a Board of Fire Officers consisting of the Chief, Deputy Chief and Assistant Chief. Each company has three officers.

We are a volunteer organization and our equipment is funded by the Municipality. Several fund raisers are held throughout the year to support the Company treasuries. With these funds we support several community activities such as the DARE program, The Milltown Little League and the annual Santa Claus tour of Milltown.


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